Where the world ends


2016, Argentina


Ushuaia, where the world ends, is a land of contradictions. Known all over the globe as the most southern city in the world, this small piece of land on the shores of the Beagle Channel it’s a tourist hub for rich people who dreams about Antarctica cruises and uncontaminated landscapes but also a promised land for South American migrant workers who move to the deep south looking for a job and a steady income.

Founded in the late 1800, Ushuaia rstly served as a prison-town. All the most dangerous criminals were sent down there to be isolated from the rest of world and only a er 1947, when President Juan PeroĢn shut it down, the city became to be more and more touristic.

Today, the city counts around 50.000 inhabitants and it sums up very clearly many of the ongoing contradictions in Argentina. 

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